Super Salty Squid Strips (2-Pack)

The Worlds BEST ALL-IN-ONE Fishing Bait!

The Super Salty Squid Strips are made from a freshly salted, cut and trimmed squid jacket. No tentacles included.

Salty Squid is a unique bait that seems to attract a wide variety of fish. Put these strips of bait on the end of your buck-tail or jig head, or simply rig a strip of squid on your hook. We recommend cutting these strips of squid to the shape and size you want–you can really get creative with these chunks!

This ALL-IN-ONE Bait works for all kinds of fishing! Whether you are fishing from a boat,  the surf, a pier, a jetty, freshwater or saltwater, using the salty squid will surprise you every time! No need to freeze! Keep at room temperature, or refrigerate. A great bait to keep in your tackle bag. Each pack of bait you buy will include a full 4 oz of squid meat as well as additional salt to keep it preserved.

*This includes 2 Packs of Super Salty Squid Strips

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