Brendon Thach
Ceo / Founder

Brendon is an entrepreneur, designer, and has been fishing all his life. He used to get dragged out of bed by his father before the sun came up to go look for rockfish, and while he didn’t understand his dad’s motives back then, he certainly does now. Brendon began recording himself while rediscovering fishing and started collaborating with his creative partner, Erin, in 2015. Brendon graduated from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County at the end of 2016 with a degree in Graphic Design.

Erin Patterson

Erin had never been fishing until Brendon took her out. Her specialty is in telling stories. Erin studied music and theatre throughout her life, eventually receiving her degree in Theatre as well as Entrepreneurship & Innovation at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Erin is now behind the camera and the computer most of the time, her passions lie in discovering new things, talking to interesting people, and telling their stories to the rest of the world.

Steven Thach
Web Lead

Steven loves exploring nature, going on walks on the beach, and is a dog lover. Steven has the love for computers and technology, which he has had a keen interest since middle school. Graduating from Cal Poly Pomona with a degree in business and information technology, Steven now manages the IT and Web of the company. 

That’s it.

It’s a pretty simple idea, but often forgotten by many of us when we become too distracted or busy: we work all day and then we just want to go home and binge-watch our shows on Netflix. What’s wrong with that?

Well, nothing… Except for staggeringly high statistics of childhood obesity, as well as overwhelming anxiety and depression in American adults. Being outdoors is scientifically proven to make your brain happier according to Harvard Health Publications: soaking in Vitamin D and walking around release serotonin–happy brain chemicals!

Senko Skipper is the brainchild of two entrepreneurs, Brendon Thach and Erin Patterson. When we started out, we didn’t think our photos or videos would amount to very much, not in today’s age when the internet is swarmed daily by highly engaging, entertaining and creative content.

We started simple. We posted photos on Instagram of what we were doing– hiking with our dog, cooking octopus, searching for fish in the middle of the night… To our utter dismay, thousands of people began liking us, following us, talking to us and asking for more!

So, here we are, I guess. Senko Skipper has been in the world for just over two years, and we’ve reached over 20 million people online and in person. All we’ve been doing throughout this time is observing, listening, learning, and then sharing. We hope to tell some of the greatest hidden stories told by people we meet around the world, find commonalities between people in different countries across the world, help others to be conscious of their actions, and help people everywhere find happiness and success on the water. Thanks for being with us.